Avis clients Edgewise 3D
''Ne pas avoir Edgewise est un handicap concurrentiel'' 

“EdgeWise is a huge step forward in terms of capability and time savings—it’s now an essential part of our modeling workflow".
Kevin Grover ALS, P.Eng., Practice Lead, Stantec Geomatics Ltd.

“I am beyond impressed. I was able to simply highlight all the pipe objects and easily convert to pipe families. Revit automatically recognized the pipe size which was incredible." Devon Kelley BIM Specialist, PrecisionPoint, Inc.

“Having only the parts of the point cloud I need has made this the easiest point cloud workflow I have ever used.”
Joe Banks Director BIMedge/ National BIM Manager, Nettleton Tribe

“EdgeWise MEP cut Nederveld’s modeling time by 70%.”
Clair Vander ZwaagManaging Director, Nederveld, Inc.

“EdgeWise MEP should be in the toolbox of every firm modeling MEP for a Revit deliverable. Anyone not using it is at a competitive disadvantage.”
Michael Stys Director of Technology, Bowman Consulting

“If you are not modeling with EdgeWise your company may soon be at a competitive disadvantage.”
Scott Cedarleaf CEO, SkyBucket 3D, Inc.

“EdgeWise MEP reduced our modeling time from 15 weeks to 4 weeks on a recent project.”
Mark Hanna Managing Director, PrecisionPoint, Inc.

“EdgeWise Plant should be in every pipe modeler’s toolbox…we reduced our 3D modeling time substantially.”
Robert Greenhalgh 3D Data Specialist, Ramboll Oil and Gas